"It takes me just 1 hour each month to produce a quality, informative newsletter that gets a positive response every time I send it"
- Jason Young, Canvasland



































About MailRoom and why use it

Mailroom is the easiest online marketing tool on the net. We’ll save you time with our incredibly intuitive software and with our helpful support. 

Local Support

As always, local support from our team is always just a phone call away and when you need it we can give you personal face to face training to get you and your staff up and running with operating Mailroom at no extra charge.

Have new staff join your team? No problem. If you have new staff that need to be brought up to speed they can come into our office to have the same training absolutely free.

High open rates

Mailroom is the online marketing tool to wake up your customers without putting yourself to sleep. Our customers consistently get higher open rates than industry averages all while using Mailroom’s super simple software. We have customers getting rates of above 40%! A quick Google search can show you how good this is. Mailchimp advertises average open rates from 13.7% to 28.9% depending on the industry and it lists anything above 30% as exceptional.

Spiral make it simple

Have complex issues like the need to integrate an existing database? We can do that for you too. We take the pain out of online marketing for you. Mailroom is the online marketing tool that lets us do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on your core business.